Back in January 2013 we mentioned we were working on a new game. Well, this isn’t it. That game is still very much under development and is still a long way from being finished. So in the interim we’ve spawned a new title called ‘Identipix’

Identipix was developed in a few short weeks and is our attempt to capture a slice of the picture puzzle game market from popular games such as 4 Pics 1 Word, Logo Quiz and other flavours of the same theme.
As the more astute reader may have guessed, one of the key elements of Identipix involves identifying pictures, but wait, there’s more! Each picture comes with an associated question and a series of 6 possible answers, of which only 1 answer is correct. You have a 2 minute time limit, 3 hints and 3 skips to score as many points as possible, but be warned, answer incorrectly and your score will be reduced by 20% The game increases in difficulty as you progress and there are a number of challenging achievements for you to try and unlock.
Version 1.0 is available to download from the Windows Phone Store as of yesterday:
As always we welcome your feedback and will take any ideas on board for future updates.

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