On 21st January 2013 we hit a nice little milestone of 100,000 total downloads on the Windows Phone platform.
Our most recent game, titled ‘I Love Logos’ already accounts for 44% of our total downloads!
We’ve also seen a significant increase in downloads for Gimme Five over the past few months and it’s currently ranked in the top 100 best rated games in the UK.
At the start of 2013, we decided to change strategy on a few apps including Find My Girlfriend, where we have removed ads and moved over to a paid download. It seems that the ecpm on Microsoft Pub Centre just can’t get any lower these days so we’d prefer to not show ads and give the users a better experience.
There’s a new game in the pipeline as well, but as it’s early days we won’t go into detail 😉
We’re hoping it will dominate our pie when we reach 250,000 downloads!

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