Just as I thought I’d overcome all the problems with Gimme Five I could possibly face, v1.7 recently failed certification twice under section 3.10 with some vague comments from Microsoft’s own testing department blabbering on about Xbox and China.
From what I could make out, the tester was failing the game because it contained the word “Xbox” and I was trying to release it in China.
This seemed a bit weird considering that content-wise, the game has not changed since v1.5, so I’ve already managed to sneak 2 releases into China where I have some sort of ambiguous reference to Xbox. – A little more consistency in the testing department would be nice!
Without knowing the strange laws of each and every country you are trying to deploy your game to, wouldn’t it be nice if instead of failing the whole game, it was passed with exceptions?
For example:
“Congratulations you successfully passed certification however, your application was not deployed to China for the following reasons… “
<Insert totalitarian laws here>

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