Anagrams seem to be popping up quite a lot recently. I’ve been playing TextTwist 2 on Windows Phone, Quarrel on Xbox Live Arcade and working on potential updates for Word Up.

So, I decided to spend a bit of time today developing a simple anagram solver application which I’ve called “Perfect Anagram”
The application takes a string (your anagram) and gives you only the exact / perfect anagram matches back.
It was quite an interesting problem to solve as there are no doubt many ways to achieve this. I like to think the way I have done it is an effective one since it works pretty quickly. Basically, after loading the dictionary into memory, I exclude words based on the input string length then use sorted character arrays to quickly compare the input against the dictionary and get the valid anagrams back.

Screenshots below…

Perfect Anagram should be available to download for free from the marketplace by the end of the week and should certainly help anyone who is struggling with achievements in Quarrel, TextTwist 2 or any other game that involves anagrams.

Download Perfect Anagram

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