Recently I have been working closely with Ning over at OpenXLive helping to perfect their new Silverlight SDK (v0.96)
I was trying to push Word Up through MS App Hub certification while using v0.94 and was facing a number of issues.
The main issues related to OpenXLive silently terminating the application when trying to restore itself after tombstoning, receiving text messages etc.
Thankfully, OpenXLive were extremely quick at responding to support emails and providing personal builds of their libraries for testing.
They were also very open to suggestions and new ideas and have taken some of these on board already in v0.96.
For those who are wondering what OpenXLive is…
OpenXLive provide cloud based services for WP7 indie developers who want to provide features such as leaderboards, achievements and social networking without the hassle of setting up their own databases and web services. Basically, they save the developer a lot of time!
One of the nice features of OpenXLive is you can see how many people have downloaded your game and how many people are currently playing it directly on their website.
For example here is the OpenXLive page for Word Up:

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